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Car DIYs Just Became Easy

Own and manage a car without the usual stress. Or why trouble when you can stay ahead of car troubles with streamlined, tested and proven aids.

At Car in my DNA, we specialize in easing car troubles for you through our experience-rich DIY hacks. Be it car purchase, upgrades, or routine maintenance: we are your go-to guy for informational guides.

Our offerings for you include guides on car accessories, audio, garage, lighting, maintenance, and tires. Besides our informational articles, we yet have reviews of new car products for you.

Our Categories


We understand that you would want to improve the aesthetics of your mechanical beauty. We have easy guides on how you could do a DIY personalization for your car.

With our guides, you can fit your car accessories comfortably and expertly. Or would you rather spend to attach something as simple as tonneau cover?


While you might not be all music-frenzy, you can at least agree that the tunes make for delightful rides. You would love a guide to install such aids, won’t you?

Good news: we have snackable tips on fitting audio interfaces in your car. It could be amplifiers, speakers, or even head units. Whichever component you need fixing, we can help.


Your garage is just as important as your car. And to up your DIY game, you need to build this workhouse after your taste.

Fortunately, we have something for you in this regard. With us, you’ll get aids on how to set up a simple garage.
Also, we will guide you as to which garage components fit your car and your budget.


Now lighting can be somewhat tricky to install yourself. Where do you begin? What knowledge of electricity do you have?

We understand your worries. While we won’t advise you to go after the parts with technical experience, how about fitting the bulbs? How about having a general knowledge of the lighting system of your car?


This part is the height of your DIY game. And we’re ready to help you turn the heat up.

Our maintenance tips range from maintaining the liquids in your car. Here, we talk about changing your oil and checking it.

Also, we provide guides on your car’s chassis and how to ensure your beast functions at its optimal pace.


You no longer have to pay for fixes such as changing a deflated tire. With our guides, you’ll have no problems with your car tires.

That aside, we also have tips to ensure that your tires fulfil their money’s worth. Yet, we have reviews on the best brands with the top quality you need for the road.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Our tips, reviews, and guides are experience-rich. How so?

The owner of Car in my DNA, David, is a car technical expert. And he’s been in the industry for over a decade.

In that time, David has handled several car issues, chiefly diagnostics and repairs. With his routine maintenance, he decided to start Car in my DNA.

So, you can rest assured that whatever tips you read here are not just affiliate-commission tricks. We are different!